“Pre-Pharmacy Day is a great event for students who are interested in pursing pharmacy school. Students will acquire tips and strategies regarding the PharmCAS application process, benefit from the panels and interactive workshops, and have a chance to network with pharmacy school representatives. Students who attend PPD become more aware of the expectations and climate of each pharmacy school, and are therefore more prepared to choose a school that’s right for them.” 
Erin Ptaschinski, Academic Advisor
“Pre-Pharmacy Day is a one-of-a-kind event. It provides students, both pharmacy and non-pharmacy majors, with the unique opportunity to interact with pharmacy school representatives, obtain crucial information on pharmacy schools in- and out-of-state, and attend workshops that will further guide them on their journey towards pharmacy. Students have expanded their school options because of these unique interactions! PPD brings all the resources to you, you just have to come and enjoy!”
Julieanne Nguyen, PPS Secretary 2017-2018
“One of the best things about Pre-Pharmacy Day is the personal interactions you get to have with pharmacy school representatives. It allows you to learn a lot about each school’s unique attributes and expectations for future candidates. PPD has personally helped me in establishing goals and bettering myself for my dream pharmacy school. Take advantage of this opportunity! Plus you get awesome souvenirs.” 
Victoria Guan, 3rd Year Student at UCI
“More than networking with the representatives, the workshops you will hear at PPD will really help you when you are trying to apply for pharmacy schools. You will learn about interview techniques, how the PharmCas website works, and the pro and cons of a gap year. Most importantly, you are learning all of this from the representatives’ perspective, what they are looking for in an applicant, and how you can best show all your strength and ability as an applicant and in the interview. We know you are passionate about pharmacy, but if you want to be a competitive applicant, PPD is the place to go.” 
Siyu Liu, PPS Volunteer Coordinator 2017-2018
PPD is an eye-opening experience. Like all other opportunities that college and life can offer to each of us, there is the decision to participate, or to miss out. PPD is an event to take advantage of because those who attend are there to learn, share their experiences, and enlighten others with their advice. With the one-two punch of scholarly information and enjoyable people, this is not an event to pass up on if one of your goals is to grow personally.
Bryant Wong, UCI Alumni
“I think PPD is a great opportunity to learn more about different PharmD programs. At this event, you can learn a lot about what pharmacy schools are looking for in a candidate and how to better prepare yourself for when you apply. The best part is meeting with the pharmacy school representatives. The representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions that you may have. What better way to learn more about a program than to ask the reps? Who knows? You might even see them again at your future interview.”              
Jeffrey Rodriguez, PPS President 2017-2018
“PDD was an eye opening experience for me. It’s an event that you definitely want to take advantage of because the experiences you’ll get attending various workshops are there to help guide you to the road of pursuing pharmacy or any other professions you want to pursue. Those who attend are there to learn, share their insights, and enlighten others with their advices and experiences. With many of the peers whom you’ll get to meet throughout the event, this is not an event to pass up if your goal is to grow personally and academically.”
Kyle Tran, UCI Alumni
“The Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCI is, in my opinion, one of the best ones in the country. The organization does a great job of preparing pre-pharmacy students to be competitive applicants and make them stand out from other applicants. Each year, PPS hosts their annual Pre-Pharmacy Day and every year, Pharmacy Schools specifically request to come to our campus and recruit our students. PPD is, hands down, the BEST opportunity for students to learn more about Pharmacy Schools and network with recruiters. It’s amazing to me how many recruiters remember UCI students from PPD!”
Brittany Betancourt, Academic Advisor 2017-2018